I’m really missing my home, and my mom, and my family right now. I miss being able to sleep in my actual house and my actual room. I’ve lived in that house my whole life, I’m not used to moving. working a full time job in a totally different town an hour from home has made me feel so weird. I’m happy where I am, I love my job and the people around me. but sometimes it’s tough and I just want a hug and I miss kissing my mom and dad good night and snuggling with my dogs. family really is the most important thing in life and it’s not easy to be gone so long. I get to go home from time to time, I’m only an hour away. but I miss the freedom I had back home, I miss the streets, the beach, the people. I think I’m going to ask for a week off in August before school starts up again. a mini vacation to be with my loved ones in my home town. growing up is tough stuff.